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Montessori 3D Cloth Book

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What does this toy do for my child?

There are 12 stories/activities in this book that explain the world your little one is living in. That's a lot of content that will keep your child engaged for long time. All the stories are filled with various attachable pieces and toys that will develop your toddler's finger muscles as well as their imagination.Ā 


12 Unique Pages

P1 - Detect time and numbers
P2 - Identify the weather
P3 - Learn to tie shoelaces
P4 - Brush the teeth of the hippo
P5 - Use the rice cooker for cooking
P6 - Take the puppy with you to play
P7 - Counting beads, identifying numbers
P8 - Learn to button buttons
P9 - Tangram, recognize shapes
P10 - Colour pairing
P11 - Learn to plant radishes
P12 - Pull the zipper, the shark eats the fish



Montessori 3D Cloth Book all pages

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Quiet, soft, and easily cleaned

You won't have to worry about batteries running out, annoying siren noises, or sharp plastic edges that might endanger your little one. It's made out of felt, soft on the skin, and durable. It will last for years and can be easily washed or vacuumed.

Ā Montessori 3D Cloth Book


Montessori Approach

The Montessori method is a revolutionary educational method developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, which focuses on developing self-directed learning habits and utilizes discovery (instead of instruction) as the primary educational tool.Ā 



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